Coaching Packages

Finding Your Career Path

This package includes four hour long sessions, assessments, resume assistance and exercises to help you find the right career for the long term.

Learn more about my process and view a video by clicking here.

Creating a Plan for Your Life

This four session package focuses on setting goals and removing the barriers to changing your life. In sessions we will work intensively on creating or clarifying short and long term goals, strategies, mission, vision and personal values.

To learn more about this package and to see a video on creating a life plan click here.

Thriving After a Major Life Change

This package focuses on creating strategies and applying tools to assist you in surviving and thriving after a change or transition. . I will assist in planning and transitioning to a new normal, as well as provide support in dealing with reactions of family, friends and other support systems.

Changes could include divorce, retirement, trauma, or a change in ability or health status.  To learn more about this package and to read my Huffington Post article on 7 Tips to Deal with a Major Life Change click here.

What are some areas addressed by life coaching?

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Prioritizing
  • Organizing your time and space
  • Entering/Returning to  the workforce
  • Changing careers
  • Mid-Life/Retirement
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Improving Relationships
  • Finding a Mate
  • Stress reduction
  • Living a healthy life/diet and exercise
  • Assertiveness
  • Living a purposeful life


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